Andrew Whyte - photographer | Bio

Centre of attentionCentre of attentionAbout as close as I get to a self-portrait I’m a committed jeans wearer, an active coffee drinker (mine’s a latte), and an enthusiastic walker- occasionally all at the same time. Husband to a tolerant wife; father of two bewildered children. How did it end up like this?

Since I was very young, photography was a significant passion of mine. For my sixth or seventh birthday I got my first camera and I’ve never been without one since. My school work experience with a commercial photographer left a strong positive impression, much of which I continue to recall.

Becoming a photographer was a choice, triggered by the birth of my second child. Becoming a nocturnal photographer was an accident, prompted by me underestimating several things. Parenting, for a start. And the significance of post processing in digital photography which, at the time, I had little patience for. Turned out it was really the subject matter that wasn't exciting me. 

On a whim, one evening I set the camera up in the back of my car to capture my journey through the city in ten-second slices. The resultant photographs weren’t perfect but I knew I’d found a starting point that drove my fascination with movement in still images. Best of all, here was something that worked straight from the camera.

From that moment I invested all my photographic efforts in pursuing long exposures & light trails. Shortly after, I shot my first star trails and night sky images, setting myself up for a future of sleepless nights hunting constellations and the Milky Way at dark sky landscapes around the country.

At some point along the way, I found myself ignoring my grown-up cameras from one job to the next and went in search of a portable photo project to reinvigorate my visual curiosity. A chance encounter with a camera-toting LEGO® minifigure led to the inception of my ShortExposures series- do you see what I did there?- and The Little Dude went on to travel the world* with me, appearing daily in front of my iPhone. (* England, Scotland, Wales and a bit of Europe. But mostly my home city of Portsmouth.)

From those unplanned beginnings, images from my commercial assignments and personal projects have been widely published across mainstream & specialist press; I've presented to local & national events, from camera club nights to conferences; made several TV appearances on National & European networks; and participated in various radio interviews. My "How-to"s have enlightened countless others in their pursuit of car light-paintings, urban star trails and abstract light art; and I’ve been shortlisted four consecutive years for the Royal Observatory's Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition.

That's the story so far. I don't know what the future holds, but I have a feeling it's going to be bright.