Andrew Whyte - photographer | Workshop: Perseid meteor shower

Perseid astrophotography workshopPerseid astrophotography workshopPlease read the full workshop description before purchasing your place on this event. Meteor showers are one of astronomy’s greatest sights visible with the naked eye. Triggered by Earth’s passage through known dust trails of distant comets, we’re able to predict when they’ll happen through the year. Yet despite them being an awesome event to watch, trying to capture a meteor on camera remains one of the trickiest of all nighttime subjects to master.

At a dark sky location, central within the South Downs National Park, this one-night workshop- August 12th to 13th- offers a safe and supportive opportunity to witness and capture the annual Perseid meteor shower- arguably the most reliable & accessible of the year.

This is a skills-based session that aims to give you the competence and confidence to shoot widefield astrophotography, with a particular emphasis on setting up your camera to capture the night's meteors. Suitable for beginner to intermediate photographers, you won’t need prior experience of photographing at night; the only pre-requisite is your enthusiasm for landscape astrophotography.

We'll meet at 7.30pm for an introduction. After a theory session that clearly explains how to approach camera setup and why some settings are more suitable than others, the small group (max 3 students) will head into the field during twilight to compose images and allow time for our nighttime vision to adapt. As darkness sets in and the cameras roll there’ll be ample time to shoot, review and improve your images. I'll spend my time equally between you and your fellow attendees, offering objective feedback to further evolve and improve through the night. If the pace of progress is good and weather (& stamina!) permit, a second location nearby can offer a change of scenery to provide further returns from the night.

You will need:

  • Camera that can be operated in manual mode
  • Lens or lenses- 15mm to 35mm full-frame equivalent, fast aperture desirable.
  • Fully-charged camera battery (and spare, if you have one)
  • Memory card with lots of capacity
  • Cable release/ remote trigger
  • Tripod (remember your quick release plate)
  • Waterproof footwear & jacket
  • Layered clothing & hat
  • Head torch (preferably with red-light mode)

The workshop charge covers:

  • One-night astrophotography workshop focusing on meteor captures.
  • Course materials
  • Introductory theory session
  • Practical instruction & guidance throughout the night 
  • Hot drinks
  • Wrap c1.30am with option to continue independently 
  • Post-workshop review of shots with PP insights & troubleshooting
  • Maximum attendance ratio 3:1

Not included

  • Guaranteed conditions. It’s Britain- cloud & rain are never far away. We’ll do the best we can if it’s dry. If it rains, you can defer your attendance to another workshop.
  • Travel/ accommodation